Board of Directors

Lesley Eichten: Treasurer

Lesley Eichten is an Administrative Professional with over 20 years of small-business management and accounting experience. Her dedication to service and community development has led to a number of successful relationships with nonprofit organizations, bringing together a love of helping people and a deep understanding of business administration and finance. Lesley holds a business degree from the Bryan School of Business & Economics at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro. Lesley and her family currently reside in Milton, Delaware, and their son happily attends The Jefferson School.

Current and Former Trustees gather at the November 30 groundbreaking for the new middle school and multipurpose facility.

Row one: Romina Magno-Thomas, Amanda Peters, Dee Moore (founding trustee), Lesley Eichten, Rachael Edelmann, Krista Griffin, Bryan Villar

Row two: Alan Davis, Nick Benz, Connie Hendricks, Susan Selph (former trustee), Mitch Resnick, Joe Kim