At The Jefferson School we are reimagining education — one engaged, motivated child at a time.



The Jefferson School inspires a love for learning through an innovative academic environment focused on exploration, discovery and active participation for students in preschool through grade 8.


The vision of The Jefferson School is to develop influential life-long learners by promoting independent thinking, collaboration and creative problem solving with a respect for people and our environment.

In this episode of the Getting Smart podcast, Tom discusses 10 problems in US Education he believes need to be addressed in order to take the first step towards building something better.

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We live in a world with Smartphones and Smarthomes, and understanding how devices work allows us to approach technology as a partner to help us solve problems. Here's how we can start giving kids these skills sooner rather than later.

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While still in it's infancy, Blockchain has the power to transform education by increasing learner ownership and control over data, reducing institutional data costs, ending paper based certificates and more.

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