At The Jefferson School we are reimagining education — one engaged, motivated child at a time.


The Jefferson School believes that children who are actively engaged in hands-on, nature-centered, experiential learning:

- are more readily able to absorb new ideas and integrate them with their current knowledge. 

- develop a passion for both lifelong learning and global awareness. 

- develop an early connection to the natural world as well as a desire to preserve it.


To that end, The Jefferson School strives to offer an exceptional, active learning environment of nature-centered strategies for children from preschool through grade 8.



The Jefferson School is recognized as a leader in developing and promoting relevant, hands-on, nature-centered educational strategies for students from preschool through grade 8.

Nevada fifth-graders could get a free pass to state parks, and the parks themselves would get more dollars for maintenance under two new bills up for approval in the Senate. Assembly Bill 385, called the “Kids and Parks” bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Steve Yeager, hopes to give young people an opportunity to become accustomed to parks to enjoy the outdoors and get them outside and more active.The program would be administered by the Division of State Parks.

In Atlanta, the now defunct Georgia Dome will be razed later this year and transformed into a new urban park. Due to open in 2018, the 13-acre park will serve as year-round community green space for arts and culture events, entertainment and community activations. As part of ongoing revitalization efforts, the park aims to serve as a backyard for those living in the surrounding Westside Atlanta neighborhoods of Vine City and English Avenue.

In Mumbai, children’s play areas are on the decline, leaving them with extremely limited safe outdoor play options. According to the NCERT All-India Education Survey, about 75% of Mumbai schools do not have their own playgrounds. Additionally, the Mumbai Traffic Department seeks to develop over 50 acres of existing children’s play areas into pay-and-park facilities.