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The vision of The Jefferson School is to develop influential life-long learners by promoting independent thinking, collaboration and creative problem solving with a respect for people and our environment.

650 wellness experts from 50 nations who gathered at the Global Wellness Summit released an in-depth report, “Eight Wellness Trends for 2019” on the future of wellness. Among the trends cited in the report are nature prescriptions, in which a growing number of doctors are “medicalizing nature” because of the medical evidence for its benefits. The report references the Scotland National Health Service’s “nature prescription” program, the Washington, D.C.-based program Park RX as well as Tokyo-based Dr. Qing Li’s work on the benefits of forest bathing.

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While there is high demand for coding skills today, artificial intelligence will increasingly take over routine coding jobs as it grows in sophistication. The longer term and larger employment and impact opportunities for today's students lie in data science.

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